The Massage 2 - Allison Returns

“Pretty quiet in here today,” Lisa commented to the receptionist as she walked through the spa foyer.
“No kidding,” the receptionist responded, looking up from her magazine. “Just that time of day, I guess. It’ll pick up later.” She checked the appointment book. “You do have someone coming in for a massage in a couple of minutes,” she told Lisa. “Nobody after that, though, so you can take your time.”

The Massage

Allison sighed with relief as she signed in at the front desk and followed the spa attendant up the stairs toward the ladies change room. This massage was a long time in coming, and she felt like her body had never been so tense. Between the merger at work and breaking up with that idiot Brad, she was pretty sure her back and neck muscles would never be the same.


I’ve stood in this line-up before, many times, passing the time by flipping through sensationalistic magazines or by skimming through the apps on my phone. Today is the day before Thanksgiving though, and the grocery store line-up is a mile long. Well, practically. I’d already used up my usual amusements, and there is no end in sight. Sighing, resigning myself to waiting, I gaze around me.

The First Day

         Adam stood quietly in front of his desk, arms clasped behind his back, staring quietly at the young girl in front of him. Woman, technically, but she was young enough that he automatically thought of her as a girl. She looked nervous, waiting, obviously wondering if he was going to say something, or if she should. She fidgeted slightly, then got herself under control. He liked that. It boded well that she could control her nervousness, her fears.

Taking it Fast

I leaned my head back against the headrest and, opening the window as wide as it would go, let the warm evening breeze blow through my hair as the steady drone of the engine filled my ears. This stretch of road was quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I'd only seen two cars in the last hour, none in the last 20 minutes. I rounded a gentle curve and saw the road straighten out invitingly before me. After five hours in the car, the first half spent weaving my way through dense city traffic, the urge to speed was too much. Pressing my foot to the floor, I gave my sleek red Mustang the go-ahead, and we flew down that road, trees whipping by at a blinding pace. I laughed out loud at the rush of wind surrounding me, the freedom of being in the middle of nowhere, hindered by no one.