The Massage

Allison sighed with relief as she signed in at the front desk and followed the spa attendant up the stairs toward the ladies change room. This massage was a long time in coming, and she felt like her body had never been so tense. Between the merger at work and breaking up with that idiot Brad, she was pretty sure her back and neck muscles would never be the same.
The spa attendant, a young, pretty thing with a name tag that said, “Crissy”, held open the change room door. “Enjoy your massage,” she smiled.
Allison smiled back as she passed through the door. “I will.”
The change room was empty, as it often was at this time of day, and Allison took her time. She set down the white robe and slippers the attendant had handed her, and hung her purse in a locker. It was peaceful in the large room, the scent of fragrant lotions and soaps filling the air, and pretty flowers on the counter tops. There were two showers, as well as a steam room, and plenty of extra towels and robes were folded nearby. Just being in this room was helping Allison to relax, and she took a long, deep breath, rolling her shoulders, to help ease the tension some more.
            Sitting on a bench, Allison pulled off her shoes and pantyhose, then stood to place them in her locker. She stood with her eyes closed as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, allowing herself to enjoy the sensation of gradually emerging skin. Her blouse parted, and Allison moved her hands over her body, gently caressing her shoulders, her collarbone, down over the lace-clad curve of her breasts. Her hands continued over her midriff, revelling in the feel of bare skin, and then paused at the top of her skirt. Her eyes still closed, she smiled slightly as she dipped her hands beneath her waistband, enjoying the warmth and secrets concealed there. She stood, feeling that warmth spread through her body, before she finally opened her eyes with a sigh. Yes, it was about time she relaxed.
            Still moving slowly, Allison pushed her skirt down over her hips, where it pooled on the floor. She shrugged out of her blouse, feeling the silky movement of it over her arms as it, too, fell to the floor. A massage, she knew, was best with nothing between her body and the masseuse’s hands, so without hesitation she pushed her pale blue panties over her hips as well. In a swift, practiced motion her bra joined the pile, and Allison bent to grab the clothes and place them in her locker.
            She closed the door, then turned, nude, to gather the robe and slippers she had left on the bench. At that moment, the door to the locker room opened, and Allison looked up to see a lovely young woman with dark hair pulled up in a knot, and large, dark eyes. She was wearing the white, flowing pants and shirt of the spa uniform, but she didn’t introduce herself. Instead, she stared at Allison, her eyes widening as she gazed at the naked woman before her. Allison watched as the other woman’s eyes traveled down her body, and she couldn’t help the surge of pleasure she felt at being the object of such a look.
            Allison smiled. “Are you here for me?” she asked.
            The woman started, and her eyes moved back to meet Allison’s, a rosy flush over her cheeks. “Yes, I’m here to...I’m Lisa, and I’ll...” She closed her eyes briefly and took a breath, then started again. “I’m Lisa, and if you’re Allison, then I’ll be your masseuse today.”
            “Perfect,” Allison told her, unmoving. “I’m looking forward to this.”
            Lisa’s blush deepened, and her hands fluttered slightly before she clasped them in front of her. “That’s good. Um, would you like me to come back in a few minutes?”
            “No, of course not,” Allison assured her, and, finally, unfolded the robe and wrapped it around her. Once the slippers were on her feet, she moved toward Lisa. “I’m all yours,” she smiled as she brushed her body past Lisa’s to open the door.
             They moved quietly together through the dimly lit hallway, past doorways that opened into rooms prepared for a variety of spa treatments. Lisa led her to a room at the end of the hall. In the soft lighting Allison could see the carefully arranged white linens on the bed, and could smell the soothing scent of lavender in the air.
            “I’ll give you a moment to get comfortable,” Lisa murmured, backing out and closing the door behind her.
            Allison took her time, shedding the robe and moving about the room, running her fingers over the soft bed covers, and filling her lungs with the aroma of the room. She was feeling relaxed now, and eager for the feel of warm, soft hands on her skin. Sighing, she slid under the cool sheets, turning so that she was lying on her front, her face pillowed comfortably on the massage bed.
            Just as she did, there was a soft knock on the door, and Lisa slipped back into the room. Allison couldn’t see her, lying as she was, but she could hear her moving around. She turned her head slightly at the sound of rustling cloth, and in the darkened room saw that Lisa was removing her flowing shirt, revealing a form fitting white shirt beneath. Lisa saw her looking, and said, “I find this easier to work in. Are you comfortable?”
            Allison smiled. “Very much so.”
            She lay her head down again, and, with her eyes closed, found herself replaying the way Lisa had looked, her smooth, toned arms highlighted by the cut of the shirt. The curve of her breasts, swelling through the tight fabric.
            Lisa moved quietly, and Allison felt her brush past the table as Lisa tucked the blanket around her feet and smoothed the covers over her legs. Allison thrilled at the touch of her hands, even with a layer of cloth between them, sliding over her legs. Then Lisa pulled down the sheet covering Allison’s back, rubbed the massage oil between her palms to warm it, then placed her hands on Allison’s skin.
Lisa’s hands were warm and soft, just as they should be. Allison bit back a moan of pleasure as she felt the massage oil spread over her skin, and as Lisa’s capable fingers blended it into her skin. Somehow - training or instinct - Lisa seemed to know all the places where she ached, and unerringly soothed the ache away.
            For long minutes there was silence, broken only by the quiet background music as Lisa moved from one part of Allison’s body to another. The sounds from the rest of the spa were muted, unobtrusive, and Allison finally felt completely relaxed - relaxed enough to be able to think again. She began to focus on Lisa, and she imagined what it would look like, watching the two of them. One woman, half naked, spread out on the narrow bed and glistening with oil. The other woman, smoothing her hands over that body, pressing her own body closer as she strained to reach each limb.  
            Suddenly Allison didn’t feel so relaxed any more. Instead, she became more and more aware of the places Lisa was touching. The deep caress over her calf and up the length of her thigh. Then down again. Allison’s heart pounded. Did she imagine it, or had Lisa’s fingers lingered on her thigh? Had she felt those fingers brushing the sensitive inside of her leg, just for a second, before they resumed the massage?
            Allison was breathing more quickly now, and wondered if Lisa could tell. Would she guess why? Probably the look she had given Allison in the locker room had been shock, the flush of embarrassment rather than interest. Probably she had no desire now other than to give a good massage to a client. Probably she’d never dreamt about touching another woman the way Allison was dreaming right now.
            Lisa was finished with Allison’s legs now, and after tucking the sheets around her again, moved up toward Allison’s head. Allison could feel her there, inches away, her body brushing against the bed as she reached over to run her hands through Allison’s hair, gently massaging her neck. Again Allison wondered: had she imagined the way Lisa’s body pressed more insistently against the bed? Was the sound of breathing all her own, or was Lisa breathing more heavily as well?
            Allison felt her blood heating, and marvelled that Lisa couldn’t feel the fire coming from her. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that she was here for a massage only. “Get it under control,” she told herself.
            And then Lisa asked her to turn over.
            Allison felt her body trembling as she lifted herself and shifted position. As she lay back, Lisa reached out to pull the sheet up over Allison’s breasts, and just for a moment, her hand brushed Allison’s skin. Allison’s eyes flew to Lisa’s face and they stayed there, frozen for countless moments. It was all there in Lisa’s eyes, and she knew then that Lisa felt it, too. That look in the locker room - she hadn’t imagined it. That flush had been one of desire, quickly tamped down at the time. But it was there again, staining her cheeks with her need.
            Slowly, hardly breathing, Allison lay her head back on the pillow, and reached out a hand from beneath the sheet. Lisa was right beside her now, her eyes still locked on Allison’s, shadowed in the dim lighting. Allison hesitated only a moment, and then brought her hand up further, until she could feel Lisa’s leg, She caressed lightly, through the thin cloth. For a moment there was silence, and then Lisa’s breath came out in a gasp. Allison held her hand where it was, waiting, her eyes watching. Her body was tense, but deliciously so. And then, ever so slowly, Lisa moved. Not away, but nearer. The hands that had frozen against Allison’s skin moved again, slowly, lightly, caressing over the cloth, her shoulders, her collarbone. And Allison moved her own hand again, with more pressure this time, sliding her hand up over Lisa’s thigh, feeling the smooth fabric sliding along with her hand.
            Allison kept her hand on Lisa’s firm inner thigh, feeling the heat from her skin through the cloth. Then she watched as Lisa slowly withdrew her hands, and, bringing them up, grasped the hem of her tight t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She wore no bra. Allison gazed in admiration and desire at Lisa’s beautiful breasts, firm, gently rounded, pink nipples tightly puckered with arousal. She reached up to touch, but Lisa caught her hand in her own.
“It’s my job to massage you,” she murmured, although she brushed the back of Allison’s fingers along her breast before placing her hand back on the bed. 
            Lisa reached over slowly, and pulled the corners of the sheet down, inch by inch exposing Allison’s breasts and torso. For a moment Lisa kept her eyes on Allison’s, but then her gaze was drawn down. For a long minute she only feasted with her eyes, and Allison closed her own as she waited, breath uneven, for what she come. And then she felt it. Softly at first, and then more insistently, Lisa moved her hands, her thumbs, over Allison’s full, lush breasts. Allison could hear Lisa breathing, so she knew, even with her eyes closed, when Lisa lowered her head and brought her lips to Allison’s breasts. At first only her tongue teased, licking lightly at the taut nipples. Allison moaned with pleasure and the need for something more, and felt herself lifting to meet the teasing tongue, to increase the pressure.. And then, as though Lisa felt the same need, suddenly her mouth was more insistent, her lips closing over Allison’s breasts, feasting, tongue and teeth gently nipping and caressing at the flushed skin. Allison moaned again, and reached her hands up to tangle her fingers in Lisa’s hair, loosening the knot and feeling that glorious cascade of sweet smelling hair cover them like a waterfall.
            But Lisa lifted her head slightly and reached up to take Allison’s hands in hers. “No, no, naughty girl. I’m in charge of this massage, remember?” She kissed each of Allison’s fingers slowly, then pushed Allison’s arms up, above her head. In a swift motion, Lisa draped a leg over the bed and climbed on, straddling Allison’s sheet-covered body with her own. She leaned forward, holding Allison’s hands in one hand, and with the other, she again caressed those fabulous breasts.
            Lisa brought her mouth down to Allison’s, and hesitated only long enough for Allison’s eyes to open and her hot gaze to meet Lisa’s. And then, Lisa closed the distance, her lips and tongue not gentle, but insistent, needy, taking. Allison met her thrust for thrust, her hands clenching in Lisa’s grip, her hips now pressing up, again and again, against the weight and heat of Lisa’s body over hers. Allison felt Lisa’s hand on her breast, squeezing, caressing, and then suddenly Lisa’s lips were gone from hers, and with a slight shift, her mouth was again ravaging Allison’s breasts.
            Allison’s eyes were closed again, her head moving on the pillow as her body raced with desire. “More,” she gasped. “I want to feel you everywhere.”
            She felt Lisa’s hands slide down now, her mouth still tugging and kissing and licking each part of her breasts. But now Lisa’s hands and body shifted again, sliding down Allison’s own body, until Lisa’s hands grasped the sheet that covered Allison’s hips, moved it down, exposing to her gaze the shaved centre of her heat, her desire. Allison knew she was pressing her body upward, straining for Lisa’s touch, but she couldn’t help herself. She wouldn’t have stopped if she could have. Lisa’s hands gripped her hips tightly as she, too, pulled Allison’s body toward hers. Allison held her breath, her body frozen in anticipation, frantic with need and waiting...
            And softly, so softly, Lisa brought her lips down to gently touch that hot, pink centre. Allison cried out, her hands curled tightly around fabric of the pillow at her head, straining to control the instinct that wanted her to thrust against Lisa’s mouth. Lisa again brushed her lips against Allison’s moist, swollen ones, and Allison pulled one leg free, opening herself further, wanting Lisa to take and take and take. She wrapped her leg around Lisa, her muscles tightening as she craved the pleasure Lisa could bring her.
Allison knew that Lisa was feeling the same burning desire. She could hear the masseuse moaning herself, soft, gasping moans as she teased with her tongue again, tasting the smooth flesh, glorying in its heat. Her tongue plunged deep, and again Allison cried out, her hips thrusting toward Lisa’s mouth this time, her back arched off the table as she pulled her second leg free, wrapping her legs together around Lisa’s body to pull her in. Lisa kept her grip on Allison’s hips, and used her thumbs to pull open Allison’s pink lips, her tongue darting in and out, her mouth sucking and tasting.
Allison knew she couldn’t wait much longer. She was spread open, sheened with sweat, panting with desire as a woman she had never met ravaged her and filled her with desperate desire. Lisa reached up now, her hands grasping Allison’s breasts, her thumbs flicking over the nipples, while her mouth continued to feast on Allison’s heat.
“Ahh,” Allison gasped, feeling the wave of pleasure building to an unimaginable level. 
She reflexively squeezed her legs harder, desperate to reach the peak. One more deep thrust by Lisa’s tongue, and then she was there. A loud cry escaped her lips as her body thrashed and arched in orgasm. She reached her arms down now, pressing against Lisa’s head as the woman frantically devoured the hot moisture that filled Allison’s pussy. Her tongue lapped it up and then, as the wave of passion faded, Lisa slid her body up and onto Allison’s, pressing her own aching need against Allison’s quivering body. Gentle now, Lisa’s lips found Allison’s, her hands moving in Allison’s hair.
            Still shuddering slightly, Allison opened her eyes, her own tongue gently exploring Lisa’s. She smiled now, slightly, and ran her hands up Lisa’s bare back. “I’d like to return the favor, if I may,” she said, nipping her teeth against Lisa’s lips. “In fact, I think I’ll book an appointment for another massage tomorrow!”
            Lisa pressed her body down against Allison’s, her own fire clearly felt through her thin pants. “I’m looking forward to it,” she whispered.